Marcello Rubini
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Marcello Rubini

La Dolce Vita

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About Him

Grew up… rather distant from his father. Marcello’s father spent weeks at a time away from home, leaving his son feeling as if they had never had a true relationship.

Living… in Rome, an urban jungle rife with adventures, women and scandal. Marcello likes to live his life at night, when the city’s ancient streets come alive with the flash of the paparazzi’s cameras and the glitter of glamorous stars.

Profession… journalist and writer. Marcello sees himself as an intellectual – he is not like his vacuous paparazzi colleagues. Rather, he is a refined man who keeps sophisticated company.

Interests… women. Marcello has never believed in monogamy; the very idea seems irrational to him. Beautiful lovers are what make life so sweet, after all.

Relationship Status… engaged to Emma, a woman whose smothering love he can’t seem to endure. In his words, “A man who agrees to live like this is a finished man, he’s nothing but a worm! I don’t believe in your aggressive, sticky, maternal love! I don’t want it, I have no use for it! This isn’t love, it’s brutalization.”

Challenge… finding some meaning in his life. Marcello lives for pleasure – he is a man who prefers the finer things. Unfortunately, the world is never as simple as he’d like it to be. As he ages, he loses himself in life’s many complications and disappointments.

Personality… casual, yet elegant. Marcello is a handsome, sophisticated and urbane man who can charm film stars as well as intellectuals. You’ll never see him wearing anything other than a refined, slim suit.

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