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All About My Mother

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About Her

Grew Up… with the wrong crowd. She fell in love with the wrong people, such as Lola, a transvestite who would be the father of her child. 

Living… with her grief. After the death of her son, Esteban, an aspiring writer, Manuela is left single and alone. She begins traveling to Barcelona in search of Lola, who never knew about his son Esteban, and Esteban never knew about his father. Manuela encounters old and new friends in her quest to continue living even after the atrocious death of the closest person in her life.

Profession… hospital worker. Manuela oversees organ transplants from donors. When her son is hit by a car and killed Manuela is the one to agree to donate her son’s heart to someone in need. She makes the decision and then leaves her profession for a new life she never had.

Interests… acting. An early passion of hers was acting on stage, but she gave it up for a steadier career. Now she has the time and opportunity to get herself back on the stage and she isn’t going to pass it up again.

Relationship Status… single. Manuela made the mistake of having a child with a crazy, sociopathic drug addict, who she would never have thought of truly raising a child with. That was why Manuela left Lola and cleaned up her act – to raise Esteban right.

Challenge… restarting her life in the wake of her terrible grief. Manuela is not finished with life yet, and just because her greatest beam of hope was taken away from her, she isn’t throwing in the towel. There is hope and life everywhere she turns, even if she ends up turning into a freeway underpass full of drug-addled prostitutes.

Personality… confident, controlled, good at handling her bereavement. Manuela is able to put on the face of a no-nonsense mother, as well as mix with transvestite prostitutes. Manuela has many faces, and this is a testament to her acting skills and love for characters and humanity.

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