Manuel Garcia Kelly Davis

Manuel Garcia Kelly Davis

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

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About Him

Grew up… on the Moon, in the Luna colony. Mannie's lived there his whole life, though he did visit Earth briefly to study computer technology after he lost his arm in an accident.

Living… on the Moon. The year is 2075, and revolution is brewing. The Lunar Authority, based on Earth, controls everything that the citizens of the Moon do. But the Loonies are getting tired of being bossed around – something’s gotta give. Whatever it is, though, Mannie wants no part of it.

Profession… computer tech guy. Luna is run by a giant supercomputer that Mannie nicknames “Mike." Mannie is in charge of its maintenance, and though he knows Mike is powerful, he's still taken aback when he discovers Mike has developed sentience.

Interests… teaching Mike to act like a human. Mike is sentient, but still doesn’t know how to interact well, so Mannie spends a lot of his free time trying to teach Mike things like humor – and when not to use it.

Relationship Status… very married. Men outnumber women by a two-to-one ratio on Luna, so polygamous marriages are the norm. Mannie is currently in a “line marriage," where new spouses are gradually but constantly brought in, so the marriage never ends.

Challenge… saving the Moon. A few of Mannie’s friends have been agitating to make Luna a sovereign state, but Mannie doesn't care much at first. Then Mike tells him that if things don't change, Luna would run out of food in 20 years, with no possibility of growing more. Now, Mannie’s helping to orchestrate the revolution, even visiting Earth to stir up sympathy for their cause.

Personality… cynical and intelligent, but uncommitted. Mannie is a down-to-earth revolutionary, only joining the cause when he realized that there was no other choice – and when Mike told him that there was a one-in-seven chance of success, which Mannie figured was good enough to give it a shot.

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