Manny Bianco
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Manny Bianco

Black Books

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About Him

Living… with his irritable boss, in the back of Black Books. Being Bernard’s roommate is no picnic. Well, maybe it’s all picnic, considering the large quantity of food lying all over the ground. Too bad most of it has gone off. Manny isn’t a neat freak, but Bernard takes messiness to intolerable levels. Plus, he won’t let anyone clean the shop.

Profession… bookshop assistant. Manny is a capable and enthusiastic salesman who can clear out stock like no other. Anybody would be lucky to have someone as diligent and skilled as Manny, but Bernard doesn’t appreciate his energy: “You sold a lot of books. You got on well with the customers. I have to fire you.”

Interests… piano and art. Manny is a man of many random talents. He was never professionally trained in music, but he is able to pick up classical piano almost instantly. He is also a skilled artist who has the ability to complete complex drawings in just seconds.

Relationship Status… single. Manny isn’t as desperate for love as his friend Fran or as averse to it as Bernard. He pretty much just goes with the flow when it comes to relationships, as he does in most aspects of his life. Besides, it’s not as if Bernard gives him time off to go on dates.

Challenge… taking care of his friends. Bernard is in danger of drinking himself to death and suffocating in his squalid flat, and Fran lacks sound judgment. Manny may be just as bizarre as his friends, but at least he’s put together. Thus, he is the nanny of the group, cleaning up after the messes caused by Bernard and Fran.

Personality… eager to please and easy-going, Manny is the human equivalent of a giant puppy dog. He’ll bound around the shop with a friendly smile, offering assistance to anyone and everyone. Manny also tries to take initiative when it comes to improving Black Books, providing suggestions for enhancing customer retention and satisfaction. Unfortunately, his efforts are rarely appreciated by his curmudgeonly boss: “You know what you are? You’re a beard with an idiot hanging off it.”


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