Man in Black

Man in Black


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a mysterious man on a ruthless quest. The wealthy Man In Black is one of the longtime customers of Westworld, a fantasy Western playground full of robotic “hosts.” That gives him a level of freedom within the park that few other customers enjoy. While other guests are busy visiting brothels or following preset narratives, the Man In Black single-mindedly hunts for a deeper meaning within the park, which he believes is tied to a hidden maze. 

Personality... focused, ruthless, and devoid of empathy for Westworld’s hosts. The Man In Black long ago learned to stop seeing Westworld’s humanoid hosts as actual human beings. He will cruelly use and abuse them for his own ends, and he often takes pleasure from torturing them. Because the Man In Black knows he can’t be hurt in Westworld, he remains calm even in the face of chaos. Yet the lack of stakes within the park is what motivates him to search for something more within its design. 


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