Malorie Hayes

Malorie Hayes

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About Her

Grew Up... with a close relationship to her sister, Jessica.

Living... initially alone. When the deadly invisible entities arrive, the heavily pregnant Malorie is saved and taken in by a few survivors in a suburban house.

Profession... painter and apocalypse-survivor extraordinaire.

Interests... trying to make it a rumored safe house where her family will be protected from danger.

Relationship Status... in love with a fellow survivor, Tom, at the onset of the apocalypse.

Challenge... surviving the onslaught of invisible entities that have the power to make people commit suicide through eye contact.

Personality... level-headed and knows how to take leadership. Malorie has plenty of guts, as demonstrated by her assertive use of guns and risky but thought-out plans. Her ability to survive five years in this apocalyptic situation proves Malorie's hardiness and resourcefulness. She also braves the uncertain journey down a turbulent river blindfolded to find the rumored community that will offer safety and shelter to her two children.

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