Malcolm Crowe
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Malcolm Crowe

The Sixth Sense

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About Him

Grew Up… studying to be a child psychologist. Malcolm received a PhD, giving him the title of Doctor.

Living… disillusioned with his profession. After Malcolm was visited by a mentally unstable former patient named Vincent Gray, who berated Malcolm for failing him and then proceeded to shoot Malcolm and kill himself, Malcolm has had less faith in his ability to help children with severe mental problems. But he is presented with another chance to prove himself when Cole Sear, a 9-year-old who sees dead people, comes to him for help.

Profession… child psychologist. Malcolm has dealt with everything from children with “possible mood disorders” to the new case of Cole Sear, whose apparent hallucinations are particularly vivid and harrowing. Malcolm is awarded for his work in his field, and is so devoted to his job that his wife, Anna, claims “you have put everything second, including me.”

Interests… children with problems, and getting into his basement office – which he cannot enter for some reason…

Relationship Status… married. They love each other deeply, but the two of them have been having problems for years. Those issues have only escalated since the night Vincent Gray broke into their house.

Challenge… redeeming himself for his failure to help Vincent Gray while saving his marriage. Malcolm is desperately trying to help Cole in a way he could never help Vincent. But he is also worried that spending too much time working will further alienate him from Anna, who speaks with him less than ever these days.

Personality… devoted, quiet, and thoughtful. Malcolm is a very intelligent doctor. He is at the top of his profession, but on a personal level, he feels that there is much more to helping children than simply having professional prowess. He seriously commits himself to his cases, and won’t slap a “label” of a diagnosis on a child until he has investigated and ruled out all possible alternatives.

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