The Legend of Korra
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the streets of Republic City. His parents were killed when he was young, and his younger brother Bolin depended on him for survival. It hasn’t been an easy life.

Living… still in Republic City. Now that Mako and Bolin are teenagers, they can work to support themselves. They have enough to get by, but it’s not comfortable by any means.

Profession…  pro-bender. Mako is a firebender, with the ability to manipulate fire at will. Bolin is an earthbender. They compete at pro-bending, a combative sport that Mako hopes will lead to their fame and fortune. Since it has yet to do so, he and Bolin also do odd jobs for extra income.

Interests… pro-bending, and finding legitimate employment. Mako’s difficult path has left him little time for hobbies, and he’s relentlessly goal-oriented.

Relationship Status… single. Though his good looks and brooding charm win him plenty of interest.

Challenge… supporting his family. Mako has vowed not to do anything shady in order to support himself and his brother, but it’s not easy, especially since their pro-bending team has yet to qualify for the Championships. There have also been rumors of unrest in Republic City, and specifically anti-bender sentiment, which is worrying since both brothers are benders.

Personality… determined, serious, and pragmatic. Mako rarely messes around and he tends to carry the world on his shoulders, even when he could relax. He loves his brother, but Bolin’s carefree attitude clashes with Mako’s workaholic nature, leading to not-infrequent arguments. At his core, Mako is deeply principled, and the only thing that might draw his attention from family concerns is if other people are suffering more.


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