Maggie Stuart
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Maggie Stuart

Infinitely Polar Bear

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About Her

Living… in Boston with her husband and two daughters. Well, she’s in Boston on some weekends. Maggie recently started business school in New York, and now commutes between the two cities.

Profession… Columbia University business school student. She had been struggling to find work without an MBA, and now that her husband, Cam, is unemployed, she needs to make sure she can find a well-paying job to provide her daughters.

Interests… her family. Maggie wants to take care of them, and most of all she wants stability for her daughters. It’s a hard thing to achieve amidst the erratic behavior of her husband Cam, who suffers from bipolar disorder.

Relationship Status… married.Although, Cam’s bipolar disorder is becoming harder and harder to deal with. When they first met, his wild personality was a big attraction for Maggie. But now that she needs him to be a stable husband and father, it’s far less appealing.

Challenge… keeping her family together. Maggie hopes that she can count on Cam to be responsible enough to take his medication and take care of their daughters. She’s trying to muster up the faith to trust him, but ultimately, she needs to do what’s best for her children. 

Personality… resilient, empathetic, and smart. Maggie is beautiful inside and out, a quality that makes her very attractive to Cam. As much as Maggie is understanding and patient, especially when it comes to Cam’s issues, she is also a fighter. She pushes herself and the people around her to be better.

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