Maggie Peyton
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Maggie Peyton

Herbie: Fully Loaded

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About Her

Grew Up… the daughter and youngest child of the Peyton family, who are part of a racing dynasty. Her father owns the Peyton racing team and was a NASCAR champion; her brother Ray, Jr. inherited the driver’s seat, and Maggie has been in more than a few street races herself.

Living… at home with her father for a few weeks after graduating from college. Although her father owns a racing team, they aren’t doing very well, and he can only afford to buy her a $75 car (Herbie!) from the junkyard as her graduation present, which is just a little disappointing.

Profession… assistant producer for ESPN and former street racer. As the first person in her family to graduate from college, Maggie has plans to move to New York in a few weeks for her new job with ESPN.

Interests… skateboarding and racing. Having grown up in a family dedicated to racing, how could Maggie not share the same love? As she explains to her father, “Racing is in my blood. Please let me race!”

Relationship Status… single, but she has an attractive mechanic at her side who seems interested in a closer relationship.

Challenge… finding her way to the racetrack again. After a street racing accident landed Maggie in the hospital a few years ago, her father has forbidden her to race. However, Herbie’s antics force her into an impromptu street race, and Maggie rediscovers her passion for racing. Now she faces a dilemma: should she continue down the safe path or fight for what she loves?

Personality… daring, yet docile and loyal. What kind of person would take on a NASCAR champion in an old, junkyard bug? Maggie Peyton, that’s who. Yet for all her bravado, Maggie is reluctant to betray her father, and it takes a lot of pushing from her friends, brother, and Herbie before she starts racing again.

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