Maggie O'Connell
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Maggie O'Connell

Northern Exposure

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Grew up… in Grosse Point, Michigan, as a debutante in a wealthy Irish-American family. An adventurous sort, Maggie became a bush pilot at a young age. She followed her boyfriend, Dave, to Alaska, where he was writing a book on mountain climbing. Unfortunately Dave froze to death when “deciding to take a nap” unprotected on a glacier.

Living... in Cicely, Alaska, where the population is less than 900 and the moose roam freely. Maggie has remained in Cicely after the death of Dave.

Profession... air taxi pilot. She supplements her income as a local real estate agent. She is also the landlord of a poorly adjusted newcomer to town, New Yorker Joel Fleischman, the town’s only physician and possibly the most impolite man in all of Alaska. As she scolds him, "I am not a hooker... jerk. I'm your landlord."

Interests... she enjoys stories about Amelia Earhart and Nancy Drew, and has since childhood.

Relationship Status… dating her sex-addicted boyfriend Rick Pederson. Meanwhile a love-hate relationship is enfolding between her and Joel. Though it might be more of a “hate-love” thing.

Challenge...  not killing (accidentally) every guy she dates. Maggie suffers from what is known by the townsfolk as the “O’Connell curse.” As she herself asks, “Do I kill guys? Or is it just sheer coincidence that every guy I go out with ends up dead?... So what do I do? Only go out with guys that I'd like to see dead?” That might put Joel squarely back in the picture.

Personality...  determined, headstrong, and independent. Joel has described her as “feisty,” especially after she shared her opinion of what his worth amounts to: “A mosquito has more utilitarian value!” Maggie is a strong woman who generally does what she wants, but unlike Joel she fits in well in Cicely because she accepts and values her neighbors. He could certainly learn a few things from Maggie, if she doesn’t kill him first – intentionally, or through her “curse.”

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