Maggie Hart
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Maggie Hart

True Detective Season 1

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Living... in the Louisiana suburbs with her police detective husband, Marty, and their two daughters. Maggie is tasked with holding down the fort and maintaining a level of normalcy, even as her husband works late nights on cases – and, (perhaps) unbeknownst to her, affairs.

Profession... nurse, which suits her personality. She is caring and kind, with a patience that extends to her relationship with Marty. But as he goes through a mid-life crisis – making rash decisions that could hurt his career, their relationship and their kids – that patience might only go so far.

Interests… helping people in need. Maggie bonds with Marty’s troubled partner, Rust, when he drunkenly shares the story of his young daughter’s death. Maggie reads more than Marty, who would rather silently watch TV. She is more engaged with the world, lacking the growing cynicism (or is it simply denial?) that is driving Marty down a dark path.

Relationship Status... married to Marty. But years into their marriage, she discovers photos of another woman on his phone. That might be the last straw for Maggie.

Challenge... dealing with the messes that her husband is making in his, and their, lives. Marty’s affable exterior hides a darker core, which comes out when she challenges him on his affairs. It isn’t easy being married to a detective tracking a horrific killer, and it’s even harder when he sleeps with other women to deal with the consequences of such a trying job rather than working through it with his wife.

Personality... intelligent and loving, but tough. When Marty shows up at her work to make up after a fight, she immediately kicks him out. If Marty thought Maggie would never find out what he was up to, or would simply swallow her hurt for the sake of the children, or that she couldn’t bear to be without him, then he’s badly miscalculated. Maggie is nobody’s fool, or doormat.

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