Maggie Carpenter
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Maggie Carpenter

Runaway Bride

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About Her

Living… in the small town Hale, Maryland with her fourth fiancé, Bob Kelly. Maggie’s reputation as a three-time “runaway bride” has gone further afield than her hometown. After her story is featured in Ike Graham’s USA Today column, she becomes a national figure.

Profession… assistant in her family’s hardware store. Maggie spends her time helping the townspeople of Hale fix things.

Interests… hiking and sports… sort of. Maggie’s fiancé is an athlete who proposed to her at a Baltimore Orioles game. As a result, Maggie feels the need to share her soon-to-be husband’s interests. 

Relationship Status… engaged to Bob, the head of the P.E. department at the local school. Bob, as Maggie likes to brag, has scaled Everest without oxygen… twice. For their honeymoon, he plans to take Maggie hiking in the Himalayas – that is, if Maggie ends up walking down the aisle.

Challenge… ridding herself of the “cynical, exploitive, mean-hearted creep” of a journalist, Ike Graham, who has come to Hale in order to write a feature story on the runaway bride. He wants to prove to Maggie that she’s going to leave Bob at the altar, but she insists otherwise: “I don’t do it on purpose, despite what you may think, and I have no intention of doing it again.” 

Personality… caring and strong-willed but insecure. Maggie is a woman who can’t seem to figure out what she wants from life. Despite her beauty and her charms, she has difficulty being herself even around those who are closest to her.

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