Magdalena Rivas
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Magdalena Rivas

Broken Embraces

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About Her

Living… in a large mansion in Madrid with her wealthy boyfriend. All of Lena’s troubles went away when she married her former boss, an aging financier named Ernesto Martel.

Profession… trophy girlfriend. Prior to getting involved with a man with money, Lena did all she could to support herself and her dying father. During the day she worked as a secretary to Mr. Martel. By night, she was a high-class prostitute who called herself “Severene.”

Interests… acting. Lena has always wanted to be an actress, though she was discouraged by a few initial failures. More importantly, she wants to feel useful. “I need to do something,” she tells Martel. “I’ve always wanted to become an actress.”

Relationship Status… torn between security and passion. Lena’s involvement with the wealthy Martel becomes all the more complicated when she meets the handsome director, Mateo Blanco, who promises to make her a star.

Challenge… escaping her possessive boyfriend's clutches. The insecure Martel does not approve of his girlfriend’s interest in acting. Yet it is only when she begins to have a bit of success, and when her director shows an interest in her, that his true deviousness rears its ugly head. 

Personality… sensual and complicated. Trouble seems to follow the stunningly beautiful Lena wherever she goes. Men cannot resist her; even the slightest glance or half-smile is enough to drive anyone mad with desire.

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