Maeby Funke
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Maeby Funke

Arrested Development

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Living… at her Uncle Michael’s house in Newport Beach, Calif. Maeby’s been moving a lot this year – from Massachusetts, to four months in a Southern California hotel, to a packed house with people she barely knows. Her parents Lindsay and Tobias live with her too, but they often barely seem to know she’s around.

Profession… high school student and employee of the family frozen banana stand. Maeby’s grades suffered when she moved from private to public school. Her uncle thought it’d be good for her to work and gain some discipline. Instead, it’s only given her more ideas for schemes.

Interests… fraud and theft. Maeby loves to think of cons and schemes, whether it’s something as simple as taking money from the banana stand, or convincing her parents she’s in love with her cousin. Her newest scheme involves her pretending to be wheelchair-bound. She’s already invented an illness and everything.

Relationship Status… single. She entered the school play so she could have a chance at kissing Steve, a boy from school. But she also likes joking around with her cousin, George-Michael. She thought it’d be hilarious if they started making out in front of her parents. Since they’re cousins. That’s what makes it funny! Alas George-Michael seems to have a crush on her for real.

Challenge… getting away with it. Maeby always has a new plot in the works, though many of them end in disaster. She’s very self-aware that her upbringing with her immature and self-absorbed parents is non-traditional, but it can still be hard sometimes. George-Michael was the only person to remember her 16th birthday. That’ll get to anyone – no matter how self-reliant.

Personality… rebellious and tough. Given her mother’s permissiveness, though, Maeby has had to find unique ways to be a rebel. For instance Lindsay is trying to get her a tattoo, but Maeby wants to enter beauty pageants instead, just to spite her mother. She breaks out of whatever box she’s put in, just to assert her independence.

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