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Near Dark

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Overview… someone who has been around a long time. A long, long time, though Mae looks like she could still be in her teens. When she meets Caleb, she doesn’t have any plans for him other than maybe eating him. But she can’t go through with it – so she turns him into a vampire like her. Now the gang of vampires that act as her family is demanding that Caleb act like one of them: he has to kill, every night. But Caleb won’t do it, so if Mae wants to protect him, she’s going to have to do it for him.

Personality… a mix of shy anxiety and violence. Mae’s been a vampire for a while, and she understands what has to be done for her to survive. She’s surprisingly strong, and she hangs out with a group that makes a biker gang look well-behaved. But around Caleb, she’s nervous, because she really likes him. She doesn’t want to force him to join her bloody world. But is there any other choice?

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