Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery

    American Horror Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… poor. And then she struck it big when she was still young and became a child actor, and eventually the next big Hollywood starlet. Her mother exploited her gifts and career and, according to Madison, was neglectful and morally depraved, once blaming her own drug offense on her daughter.

Living… at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies (aka “witches”) in New Orleans. Alas, it’s not by choice. When she uses her unique gifts to exact revenge against a critic, suspicion arises, and she is put in the Academy for her own safety and betterment. But Madison looks at it as house arrest with a bunch of misfits and quacks. When fellow student Zoe Benson arrives, she remarks, “Given the choices around here it looks like you're my new best friend. Do you own any clothes that don't come from The Gap?”

Interests… herself and her own fame. She’s pretty material, always flawlessly made-up and wearing designer clothing and accessories. Her phone and social media seem to hold her interest better than anyone in the actual world around her.  She’s a fan of a good death stare or eye roll, too.

Profession… student of witchcraft. She has an especially strong talent for telekinesis – moving objects with her mind – that she uses recklessly at times. She considers classes and studying unnecessary and finds every opportunity to try out her powers in the real world, against all warnings and even when there are horrible repercussions.

Relationship Status… single. And ready to mingle – with seemingly whomever. Men seem to be playthings for her to collect and string along, though deep down she may be hiding a yearning for something more. 

Challenge… getting rid of all the obstacles that keep her from having fun. At least, that’s how she’d tell it. All authority is a challenge to her ego and her search for a good time. She wants her fame and fortune to grow, and she wants to use her powers to get ahead in the game of life.

Personality… sarcastic, manipulative, and egotistical. On rare occasions, she displays remorse for her actions or pity for the unfortunate, but usually it is later discovered that her “opening up” was just a ploy for her own gain. If there’s any humanity, it is buried deep. It is clear she has been told she is exceptional her whole life and has internalized her early fame. To her, life has become a ruthless game of social climbing. Her wit is sharp and her humor dark, mostly at the expense of others. To the quiet butler Spalding who has no tongue, she spits, “Is that true, Jeeves? Did you use your tongue for something wicked?... Aww! C'mon, Jeeves. Show us your stub. Maybe we can put it to use."


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