Madeline Westen
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Madeline Westen

Burn Notice

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About Her

Living... alone in Miami. Her husband passed away long ago but her son, Michael, recently moved back into town. Madeline is happy about Michael’s return, but the circumstances – he has been summarily written off, or “burned,” by his former CIA bosses – have brought a lot of dangerous baggage.

Profession... retired. Madeline spends most of her days at home, at least when she isn't getting unwittingly roped into her son's various "projects.”

Interests... her son. Madeline constantly worries about Michael’s safety, and with good reason. He is very tied up with his ousting from the CIA and the group of people that don't want him to find out why, regularly putting his life at risk. As she puts it, “You know, Michael, I'd appreciate it if when you stopped by, it wasn't only to lose your police tail." She is kept in the dark on much of Michael's life, but through her involvement with his ex-girlfriend and current associate, Fiona, Madeline is at least somewhat in the loop.

Relationship Status... widowed. Even though her husband Frank died over eight years ago, Madeline does not really try to date. She seems to have mixed feelings about her former husband as well, since he was abusive to their two sons. She’s not terribly sad he’s gone, but does wish that Michael and his father had had a better relationship.

Challenge... walking a fine line between wanting to know exactly what trouble her son is in and realizing that knowing too much would just upset her – or endanger her. Either way, with Michael around she has to worry much more than ever about her emotional well-being and, even more seriously, her life.

Personality... self-sufficient, strong, and devoted. She is extremely committed to what she stands for and often proves herself to be quite courageous despite her advancing age and lack of complete knowledge about Michael’s problems. Even when her son insists that she leave town to protect herself from his work, she protests, "Michael, I'm not afraid!" to which he answers, "I know you're not, but I am." That shows her stubbornness, but also her bravery in the face of extremely dangerous situations.

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