Madeline Perez

Madeline Perez


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… at home with parents who have never really understood her. Maddy grew up entering every beauty pageant her mother could find. Even after that stage of her life came to an end, Maddy’s confidence never wavered. She realized she was beautiful at a young age, and her looks became her superpower. 

Profession… high school student and cheerleader (that is when she remembers to go to practice). Maddy doesn’t go to school to learn about dead presidents or Algebra 2. She goes to be entertained. Highschool is a warzone, and Maddy is most definitely on the winning side. Her posse is there to provide drama, and her boyfriend, Nate, might be the only reason she shows up every day. 

Interests… sex, drama, and herself. Maddy isn’t your typical teenager, with her bejeweled eyelids and sheer dresses. She dresses to impress… herself. She uses her sexuality to get whatever she wants, which is usually attention. 

Relationship status… off and on with Nate Jacobs. Maddy and Nate love each other in a fun, homicidal, sort of way. They rotate through breaking up, making each other jealous, and then getting back together. Nate sees Maddy as his property, and when anyone else attempts to trespass, his fists have a lot to say. Maddy, somehow, feels safe with him, saying “it feels good to know that there's one person in this whole f**ked up world who has my back.”

Challenge… figuring out if she and Nate are going to make it work. Maddy always thought they were in it for the long haul, but recently he has been destroying her self-esteem. He is beating people half to death to get his points across, and Maddy is starting to question that feeling of safety.

Personality… bold, honest, and occasionally sweet. Maddy seems like an angel until she opens her mouth. She has a way of making people feel incredibly special, or terribly humiliated. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and why should she?


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