Madeleine Elster
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Madeleine Elster


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Overview... a pretty but haunted housewife. The wife of Gavin Elster, Madeleine fears that the ghost of Carlotta Valdes has been possessing her lately. And considering that Carlotta killed herself, it's no wonder that her husband's hired ex-detective Scottie Ferguson to tail her. But between Scottie's acrophobia (extreme fear of heights) and Madeleine's fondness for standing on tall cliffs and buildings, is there any way she can prevent herself from recreating Carlotta's tragedy?

Personality... aloof and wistful. Outwardly the picture of the perfect wife, Madeleine seems afraid of opening too much to anyone. It could be her fear that Carlotta will eventually drive her to suicide – or it could be something far more mysterious.

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