Madame Mallory
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Madame Mallory

The Hundred Foot Journey

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About Her

Living… in the picturesque village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, in southern France. Madame Mallory lives in one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Profession… restaurateur. Madame Mallory is not your average gourmand – she owns and operates a Michelin-starred restaurant frequented by none other than the President of France himself! Le Saule Pleureur is one of the finest classical culinary establishments in all of France, and, as she likes to remind us, “Classical comes from the word class.”

Interests… French wine, French music, and French gastronomy. Madame Mallory likes everything to have the particular flavors of her native land. She also likes dancing.

Relationship Status… widowed. Ever since Madame Mallory’s husband passed away, the only thing she’d had to hold on to is her restaurant. Her chefs, staff and sommelier are her only family now.

Challenge… getting rid of the “vulgar” new restaurant that’s opened up next door. Madame Mallory doesn’t mind the new Indian immigrants that moved just a hundred feet across the road from Le Saule Pleureur. She’d just prefer if they took down the gaudy decorations from their restaurant, Maison Mumbai.

Personality… professional, uptight, and uncompromising. Madame Mallory prefers to have everything a certain way. She keeps her back straight and her tastes refined. It’s all about “subtly of flavor” for Madame Mallory.

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