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Machete Cortez


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About Him

Living… without a purpose. A former Mexican Federale, Machete drew the attention of the ruthless drug lord Rogelio Torrez, who proceeded to kill his wife and daughter. Disillusioned, Machete left the Federales and has been drifting ever since.

Profession… badass and gadgeteer. Bonafide badass and an expert in the field of murder, Machete comes complete with his own weapon of choice and a profound sense of justice, expressed by whatever means necessary. Machete is impossibly tough and deadly, and is known throughout the criminal underworld as one of the most dangerous men alive. Though he’s out of the law enforcement game, he’s still willing to put his violent talents to use – and gladly accepts an offer of $150,000 to kill a corrupt, anti-immigration politician. In his free time, he designs incredibly complex gadgets and sells them to spies. 

Interests… machetes, obviously. An impassive and simple man, Machete finds pleasure in the simple things: disemboweling bad guys, saving the world, and having sex with beautiful women. He does all three on a regular basis.

Relationship status… widowed and grieving. Machete is more than capable of seducing women, because he’s capable of anything, but it just hasn’t been his priority the last few years. However, when his assassination mission goes sideways, he soon finds himself working with the beautiful and capable US Immigration Agent, Sartana Rivera.

Challenge… killing his way through a thicket of spin doctors, twisted politicians, and drug lords. The assassination Machete was hired for turns out to be a set-up, and he finds himself as the scapegoat at the center of a political conspiracy. Never a man to take abuse lying down, Machete grabs his favorite weapon and goes to work taking down the men who tried to get the best of him. In Machete’s words, they “f-cked with the wrong Mexican.”

Personality… badass, badass, and badass. There’s simply no better way to describe him. Machete is stoic and survives impossible situations through a combination of indomitable will, almost superhuman strength, and incredible luck. A righteous man, Machete tries to focus his wrath on the wicked and guilty. Once you piss him off there’s no escaping him – he’ll follow you all the way to space.

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