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Mac Radner


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About Him

Grew Up… faster than he expected. For Mac, marriage, fatherhood and suburban existence crept up on him unexpectedly. In order to stay young, he smokes a little pot – even during work.

Living… next to a frat house. Mac and his wife Kelly have just moved into what they expected would be a nice, quiet neighborhood. When the noise level at the house next door keeps his newborn daughter awake, Mac (to his own embarrassment) decides to make a complaint.

Profession… white-collar office work. Mac’s job represents the blandness of adult life to him. Luckily, he works with one of his best friends, a fellow stoner named Jimmy.

Interests… aside from watching Game of Thrones, Mac likes to smoke weed and reminisce about his days as a full-time partyer. He tells his young fratty neighbor, Teddy, “Hold on to this moment, man, seriously enjoy this…”

Relationship Status… married to Kelly, whom he met in college. Mac and Kelly live a lazy life together—which makes the partying going on next door utterly unbearable.

Challenge… finding a way to kick Delta Psi Beta out of the neighborhood. Aside from noisy disturbances, Mac is suffering from a case of severe nostalgia. The fun frat life in the adjacent backyard only reminds Mac of the sweet, simple life that he used to lead.

Personality… immature and lazy, yet sincerely dedicated to his wife and child. Mac misses his glory days in college, but he’s managed to retain his raunchy humor and slacker attitude as he has gotten older.

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