Mabel Mora

Mabel Mora

    Only Murders in the Building

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Long Island. Mabel is reluctant to share personal details, but it is known that her relationship with her family is strained. 

Living… in Manhattan. She is staying in her aunt’s huge apartment in the Arconia condominium while it is being renovated. She keeps to herself and doesn’t leave the place often. Mabel is not noticeably on edge, but she is constantly aware of what tragedies could cross her path. 

Profession… unemployed. Mabel is in an in-between stage in her life, trying to remove herself from her past before starting something new, something good. 

Interests… music, puzzles, knitting, painting, and true crime. Mabel is obsessed with crime shows. She has a crush on the character Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU, and her favorite true crime podcast is hosted by Cinda Canning. She listens to true crime partially to figure out ways to avoid being featured on them, and arms herself with knitting needles—just in case.

Relationship Status… single. Mabel has some heavy baggage to handle before she can be involved with someone else.

Challenge… a murderer probably lives in the building, and most of the tenants don’t seem to care. The recent death has been ruled a suicide, but Mabel and two other men she met in the building’s elevator are convinced otherwise. They saw the victim in the elevator the day he died, and there are pieces to the puzzle that just don’t make sense. The two men have dragged Mabel into documenting their findings in a new podcast called “Only Murders in the Building.” Mabel doesn’t need too much convincing to join the podcast. As she says, “Do I wanna break into a dead guy’s apartment and go through all his s**t? Sounds like an afternoon.”

Personality… aloof, witty, blunt, and secretive. There is history behind her tough shell, and those that figure this out will easily be able to find her immense charm. 


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