Mabel Longhetti
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Mabel Longhetti

A Woman Under the Influence

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About Her

Living… at the end of her psychological rope. Her relationship with her family is tense and grating. Her husband Nick, a man’s man construction worker, treats her like dirt, and her three children are difficult to relate to, let alone clothe and feed on a daily basis. Mabel begins having a nervous breakdown, acting out in strange and unintelligible ways. Although Nick bullies her, he cares deeply about her well-being and is extremely concerned about her new and abnormal behavior.

Profession… housewife. Mabel has been tending to their home and all of its necessities for years upon years. Perhaps it is the build-up of her mundane, menial tasks that has contributed to driving her mad.

Interests… spaghetti, her children, her parents. Mabel is a family woman – so much so that she rarely takes any needed down time for herself.

Relationship Status… married. Mabel isn’t exactly what you’d call a happy wife. She loves Nick, but he often makes it nearly impossible to love him. When Mabel begins acting strange, Nick’s first reaction is to slap her back into normality – literally.

Challenge… finding her footing. Mabel is heading straight into a long-term nervous breakdown. If she doesn’t find out and fix what’s wrong with her, and fast, she risks losing her entire family and giving her children a scare from which they might never recover.

Personality… sensitive but edgy. Mabel has put up with a lot of abuse from Nick, and from herself. She has reached a moment when she must dramatically change the way she lives her life, or forever be entrapped in her fear-drenched mind. Her normal niceties show through her breakdown in weird ways and her humble charity is twisted by her mental state. She's at a crucial crossroads and it's by no means certain she's going to make it safely to the other side.

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