M.J. Monahan
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M.J. Monahan


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About Her

Living… in San Francisco where a brutal serial killer on the loose.

Profession… homicidal detective. Her latest case is to track down the killer that's terrorizing the city. He appears to be a “copycat,” copying the style of many of the most notorious serial killers, including Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer. All of his bodies have been carefully arranged to look like the bodies of other serial killers’ victims. MJ knows the killer wants people to recognize his hand, and she is doing everything she can to stop him from killing his next victim.

Relationship Status… single. Her fellow police officer, Ruben, likes to flirt with her, but he does that with everyone. He says MJ is the cop of his dreams. He talks about her to his therapist. She'd think he was a creep if she didn't kind of like him herself.

Challenge… solving this unique case. MJ has enlisted the help of Helen Hudson, who is a criminal psychologist who wrote a famous book on serial killers. However, Helen is now too afraid to leave the house after a serial killer named Daryll Lee Cullum threatened her. Though he has finally been imprisoned, Helen is still quite anxious and is not sure she can help with the case. But MJ can be quite persuasive. After all, Helen may be their best hope of finally catching the copycat killer.   

Personality… humble, extremely capable, and witty. Surrounded by aggressive men in her precinct, MJ stands out as a petite woman who is usually upbeat and friendly. But don’t mess with her – she is tougher than she may appear at first glance. 

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