Lynette Scavo
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Lynette Scavo

Desperate Housewives

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Living… with her husband and three kids in a house with a white picket fence on Wisteria Lane, which she thought she always wanted. Lynette likes her house, but she is discovering she doesn’t like the lifestyle that goes with it.

Profession… full-time mother. Previously, Lynette was a successful and driven business advertising executive. She was a shark, often coming up with cuthroat ways to beat out the competition. Although it wasn't easy being a woman in her male-dominated field, she is now faced with an even tougher profession: being a mom.  

Interests… anything to get out of her house.

Relationship Status… married to Tom Scavo, an executive. Tom may not understand the hardships of being a housewife, but Lynette loves him anyway.

Challenge... living with regret. Lynette is not sure if she made the right decision to leave her coporate job to become a full-time mom. She wanted to do the right thing and be there for her kids, but she feels overwhelemed and inadequate. And it doesn't help that her twins have ADD, and her husband is always away on business. She is harried, lonely, and frustrated. As she complains to the other moms on Wisteria Lane, "You know, our mothers were smart. They didn't get us nannies or put us in day care because they knew if they did, we'd find out there are other women out there who are better mothers than they were."

Personality… bossy and competitive yet loving. Lynette has a tendency to be a bit controlling, a trait that helped her in the business world but that may not prove as useful on Wisteria Lane. Unfortunately, kids can't be managed in the same way that expenses can. Lynette is tough, but she is not afraid to admit her vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Although other moms may be facing the same issues as she is, Lynette is unfraid to speak out. And underneath the occasional complaints, one thing is clear – she is always there for her family. She loves them more than anything.

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