Lydia Dunfree
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Lydia Dunfree

Party Down

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About Her

Living... in Los Angeles with her thirteen year old daughter, Escapade. Like many of Lydia’s coworkers, Escapade dreams of making it in Hollywood. Lydia is determined to make Escapade’s dreams come true, seizing every opportunity to mention her daughter to potential connections in the industry.

Profession... caterer. Lydia works at Party Down catering service but focuses most of her energy on managing Escapade's career. Party Down is filled with cynical Hollywood-hopefuls, most of whom are much younger and more disheartened than Lydia. She gets through the long and menial days of catering on the hope that her daughter will reach a level of success that she never achieved.

Interests... Escapade's acting career. Lydia is living vicariously through her daughter. Every move she makes is tactical and aimed at the end goal of catapulting Escapade into stardom. She thinks that catering events are a great place to make useful Hollywood connections and seizes every opportunity to talk up her daughter.

Relationship Status... divorced. The recent end of her relationship with her husband has had a major impact on Lydia - spurring her abrupt move to Hollywood and her obsession with Escapade’s stardom. She is currently single and has no intention of getting back into 'the game' anytime soon, as she’s much too focused on Escapade to devote any time to another relationship.

Challenge... making Escapade a star. She constantly seeks advice from those around her, especially her coworkers who are striving for the same Hollywood endgame as Escapade. She does feel conflicted at times about the lengths she will go to for Escapade, but as she puts it, "We're only human. I know I am, right?"

Personality... perky and happy-go-lucky generally. But on occasion she exhibits a dark side. She is fearless (rationalizing it with, "death is not the end, I can tell you that one for sure"), and willing to do anything and everything in her power to see her daughter succeed. She is almost always sunny and excitable, only revealing her terrifying dark side when crossed. 

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