Lux Lisbon

Lux Lisbon

    The Virgin Suicides
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… long before her four sisters. Lux, in her early teenage years, is the most sexually advanced girl in the local high school. She’s become the object of desire for the local boys.

Living… in a prison of sorts. The Lisbon family is an extremely religious and tight-knit group. Lux’s parents, Ronald and Sara Lisbon, don’t want their daughter to be corrupted by the world just yet, though Lux despairs over her restricted life. “I can’t breathe in here,” she says of her family home.

Interests… boys. Lux’s flirtatious manner and mysterious sexuality have gotten her a lot of male attention. She seems to relish the power that her sexuality grants her.

Relationship Status… single, though she did date the most handsome boy in school, Trip Fontaine. Lux’s parents came down harshly on her after she returned home (way after curfew) from a night out with Trip. Since then, Lux has had to keep her sexual encounters anonymous.

Challenge… getting out from her parents’ clutches. After her sister Cecilia’s suicide, the Lisbon family tightened their grip on Lux and her sisters, though their tough love is only driving the remaining daughters further away.

Personality… self-destructive, flirtatious, and wry. People are drawn to Lux’s mysteriousness, her half-ironic way of addressing the world.


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