Luther Whitney
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Luther Whitney

Absolute Power

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About Him

Living… in his safe house in D.C. It's neatly furnished, modern and clean because he only uses it for work. The TV's usually on even though no one's watching it. He gets a bit lonely here sometimes; it's nice to hear other voices outside his open window.

Profession… jewel thief. It's a dangerous job, and it got a lot more dangerous when Luther secretly witnessed the President of the United States stabbing Walter Sullivan's daughter while he was robbing a wealthy home. Now Luther is trying to reveal the President's covered-up murder. He was going to take it to his grave but then he saw the President using Sullivan on TV. Luther felt guilty for not saving her. Now he wants to bring her justice.

Interests… reconnecting with his daughter. She's a young prosecutor who could help him move forward with what he knows. It's been a struggle, though. They’ve been estranged for decades and she never forgave him for how he treated her mother. It's been an intense trial period for both of them.

Relationship Status… left for dead. His only marriage failed miserably. He was in jail most of the time. Then when he got out he and his wife went off to live seperately. That's when he stopped seeing his daughter Kate. Her mother still loved Luther. Even after she left – even on her death bed, she was still sore about the marriage ending.

Challenge… bringing the President to justice without being killed. He knows the Secret Service are after him and his phone is tapped. Anyone who talks to him could be in danger too, including his daughter. If they'd killed him when he witnessed the murder that would've been the end of it. Now he’s gone too far not to survive. 

Personality… hardened and guilt-ridden, but seeking redemption. He’s alienated everyone who ever tried to be close with him, but right now is not the time to try and explain misdeeds away. Now is the time for action. And if he can drive the President just a little bit nuts, who knows how he’ll react under pressure? Maybe Luther could do some good with the time he has left.

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