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About Her

Grew up… a witch. Lumi was an innocent young witch, collecting herbs for her spells, when she ran afoul of Sindri, the exiled Prince of the Night. He bound her to him with a ring, hoping she would release him from his magical prison, but she refused. Instead, she fled. Ever since, she’s been hated by the other witches, and only her familiar (or animal companion) Suul gave her any kind words.

Living… inside a giant snail named Richmond. It’s been centuries since Lumi was unwillingly married to Sindri. Now, she travels around Scandinavia in her snail shell, or on her broomstick. It’s lonely, especially because she had to eat her familiar a few years back.

Profession… witch. Lumi sells potions to the humans, even though her magic isn’t as refined as some others’. To the witches, though, her only job is to keep Sindri quiet, which usually means poisoning him with hemlock. This knocks him out for a while, though it never kills him. Lately, though, he’s developing a tolerance.

Interests… magic. She also really likes saffron.

Relationship Status… married. Sindri is now her husband, but being married to a prince has come with zero benefits. Ever since Sindri magicked that ring onto her ankle, she’s at his beck and call, or he can tighten the ring to cause her pain.

Challenge… dealing with Sindri. He’s cruel, selfish, and evil – but since they’re officially married, it’s her job to take care of him. It’s a thankless job that’s getting harder to do. As she tells her new familiar, Tristan, “Don’t complain to me, little soul… You have… no idea what I’ve been through.”

Personality… self-sufficient, practical, and a little awkward. Since the other witches rejected her, Lumi has had to do everything by herself. That’s made her a little lonely, and a lot less fashionable than the other witches. But to humans, she’s quite intimidating; her glare would send most people running. She’s neither good nor evil – with everything she’s been through, she prefers to just survive. There’s a soft-hearted streak in her, but there’s also a lot of disdain.

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