Luke Hobbs

Luke Hobbs

Fast and Furious Present: Hobbs and Shaw

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About Him

Grew Up... in Samoa with a large family. His father was in the thieving business and was largely absent in his childhood until the man came around recruiting for his criminal crew.

Living... with his daughter in Los Angeles. He balances being a good father with taking on CIA assignments.

Profession... a Diplomatic Security Service Agent who is prone to using brute force to solve all issues.

Interests... saving the world, beating the bad guys, and snarking at Deckard Shaw.

Relationship Status... single, but is definitely eyeing Shaw's sister and MI6 agent, Hattie, as a potential romantic partner.

Challenge... saving Hattie from dying of "Snowflake" virus capsules in her bloodstream and also saving the entire world from being exposed to said lethal bio-weapon.

Personality... brash, charming, and no-nonsense. Hobbs's way of doing things is different from Shaw, as exemplified by how Hobbs literally leaps off a roof to get to the bottom floor of the building, while Shaw calmly takes an exterior elevator.

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