Luke Glanton
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Luke Glanton

The Place Beyond The Pines

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Living… in the Blue Bell Motel in Altamont, N.Y. It’s a transitional living situation until he’s let back into his ex-girlfriend Romina’s place. Right now Luke’s spot is taken by her new lover, Kofi. Kofi’s trying to help Romina buy the house. That would make it near impossible for Luke to move back in.

Profession… working in an auto-repair shop. Luke was a motorcycle stuntman, traveling with state fairs, until he decided to settle down in Altamont to be close to his son Jason. Now he’s trying to provide for Romina and Jason but he’s barely making minimum wage. The garage gets little work besides souping-up low riders, things the chains won’t do. There’s no chance of getting a raise any time soon. So when his boss Robin makes an unusual offer, Luke has no choice but to listen.

Interests… expanding his presence in his son’s life. Luke is willing to start small, making Jason meals he likes. But every step he takes is met with tension from Romina and Kofi, who don’t want Luke overstaying his welcome. The closer he gets to Jason, the more they’ll be seeing him. Problem is, there are only so many things you can do with an infant. The kid can’t even eat solid food yet.

Relationship Status… single, but not by choice. This is a new place for Luke. Usually he’s all for flings, and Romina was supposed to be just that. He was shocked when he realized Romina had their baby without even telling him. He’s just as surprised that she’s not enthusiastic about his return, or his desire to be in Jason’s life. He always thought settling down would mean settling. He never imagined he’d be the one asking for it.

Challenge… making money and winning Romina and Jason back, by any means necessary. His boss Robin is also in a squeeze. He’s talking about robbing banks – specifically, he’s talking about Luke robbing banks, with Robin “organizing.” They’d split it 65-35. He’d give all the money to Romina, for Jason. All he can do is hope she doesn’t spend it all on herself.

Personality… well-meaning, but reckless. Fatherhood has triggered something new in Luke, some sort of animal instinct to provide and protect. Everything else immediately faded in the background when he found out about Jason. Luke will do just about anything to provide for his son – for better and worse. The well-being of other fathers and their sons are not his concern.

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