Luke Cage
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Luke Cage

Jessica Jones

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About Him

Overview... street-level superhero with unbreakable skin and a broken heart. His wife Reva was killed in a bus crash a few years ago, and now he spends his nights tending bar at Luke’s, a tavern he opened in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. When he meets private eye Jessica Jones, he’s immediately intrigued by her salty demeanor and good looks. He helps her with a new supernatural case, but she pulls away when she realizes she may have a connection to Reva’s death.

Personality... stoic, caring, and meticulous. Luke has a mysterious past and isn’t eager to allow people to get close enough to find out about it. He cares about his neighborhood, his family, and Jessica, but unlike Jessica, Luke doesn’t say much. He lets his actions speak for themselves – when he uses his superhuman strength, those actions speak volumes.

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