Luisa Cortes
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Luisa Cortes

Y Tu Mama Tambien

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About Her

Grew Up... falling in love in Mexico. When she was a teenager she had a first true love, but he died in a motorcycle accident. This tragedy greatly affected her life and she has never recovered completely from her grief.

Living… in an apparently unhappy marriage to Jano, the cousin of a high-ranking political leader. At a wedding party, she meets Jano’s cousin, Tenoch, and his wild friend Julio. Luisa enjoys the company of these two boys and agrees to go with them on a road trip to “Heaven’s Mouth,” which is actually a made-up location invented to convince her to come with them. When she does go with them on the road trip, the whole group gets more than they bargained for.

Profession… nothing right now. Luisa has all of her time to herself, time to think about her past, present, and future. But she feels like she needs to take her mind off things for a while. Too much thinking isn't good for you.

Interests… having fun, traveling, and simplicity. Luisa doesn’t like it when relationships become complex, and she would prefer if things could remain light and enjoyable.

Relationship Status… married to Jano. Their love isn’t pure and youthful. Their marriage is more of a symbol at this point, and Luisa has no qualms abouy leaving him for a vacation with two young boys.

Challenge… keeping the peace between Julio and Tenoch. She laments, “You get babies to look after, and you end up changing their diapers!” She didn’t realize initially how immature the two friends can be. But very quickly she realizes that coming between these two old friends is not the best thing she can do to keep everything running smoothly.

Personality… reserved, dejected, and secretive. Luisa keeps many secrets to herself. Her feelings are her own, and she doesn’t feel obligated to share her true emotions with everyone. She has come on this trip to enjoy herself, and she’ll do everything she can to forget her serious problems and let herself go.

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