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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… as an American studying in Taipei, Taiwan, where she shares an apartment with another American ex-pat. She embraced the city as a second home until she got caught up with the wrong people. Now, not only is she seeing the city’s dark underbelly, she’s part of it. She’s also the only person who can stop it.

Profession… student, up until very recently. She was tricked by her new boyfriend into transporting drugs to his boss, Mr. Jang, a drug lord with ties to the mob. She was then coerced into serving as a drug mule, with her captors sewing a package of the drug CPH4 into her abdomen. Later, a kick in the stomach bursts the bag open and releases vast quantities of the extremely powerful synthetic drug into her system. Now she’s in a full-on war with the drug ring, all while fighting to save her own life. 

Interests… learning more about the nature of CPH4, a nootropic that has given her enhanced physical and mental abilities. She now has the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and mental time travel. But when she gets to the hospital, a doctor shows her the volatile and destructive side-effects. Upon researching her condition, she gets in contact with Professor Samuel Norman, who may be the only one who can save her.  

Relationship Status… single, due to tragic circumstances. Lucy was betrayed by her new boyfriend who showed no concern for her well-being and threw her into the most perilous of situations. The very forces he was trying to please eventually killed him, right in front of Lucy. Now she’s left devastated and alone – a whole set of superpowers and no one to share them with.

Challenge…using her newfound abilities to track down the three other drug mules, all while staying alive in an effort to get treated. While she has incredible physical abilities that only continue to grow, she finds that a sip of champagne can threaten her very life due to the drug’s unpredictable and likely deadly side-effects. Whenever there’s a misstep, it can only be solved by consuming more of the drug. She’s now dealing with the police, drug gangs, the Korean mob – and, in a sense, the future of the human race. 

Personality… before, she was fun-loving and maybe a little aimless. Since the CPH4 has surged into her system, though, she’s become brilliant. The mental and physical transformation she underwent was beyond anything she could’ve imagined. By being able to use more than ten percent of her brain – and ultimately way, way more – she sees how limited our worldview is right now. She believes our perception of nature, time, and life is completely distorted by our humanity, which is so limited in its ability. Then again, it’s hard to know whether it’s Lucy talking, or the CPH4.


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