Lucy Moderatz

Lucy Moderatz

    While You Were Sleeping
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a working class home in Indiana without her mother who passed away when she was young. Lucy became very close to her father, and he often made the most meager excursions seem like fantastic adventures.

Living… alone, except for her cat, in a small Chicago apartment that she rents from a man named Joe Fusco. Fusco’s son, Joe Jr., has tried to ask Lucy out numerous times, but he has yet to find success.

Profession… CTA employee responsible for taking train tokens as people enter the El stations. As she says, “I sit in a booth like veal.” It’s a thankless job in which she feels invisible to the rude customers she encounters. She dreams of escaping her glass cage and finally being appreciated. And on Christmas Day, she got her wish. After she rescued a handsome businessman named Peter who was mugged and then fell on the tracks, she became a hero to his large family. Though Peter is still in critical condition at the hospital and has yet to emerge from a coma.

Interests… getting a stamped passport. Lucy desperately wants to see the world and have someone to share it with. For both, she is wiling to go to extraordinary lengths. 

Relationship Status… in love with someone who doesn’t even know she exists. Lucy has always been attracted to Peter, a regular patron. She even has fantasies of marrying him, which ends up getting her into a bit of trouble when a nurse at the hospital overhears something she says.

Challenge… telling Peter’s family that she is not actually about to marry their son. After the nurse misconstrues a comment made by Lucy, the nurse tells them that it was Lucy, his fiancée, who saved him. Amidst the commotion, Lucy is unable to correct the mistake before it has gone too far.

Personality… shy, humble, romantic, and genuine. Lucy dreams of a bigger, more fantastical life, but she doesn’t let her day-to-day life get her down. She believes in real, lasting love, and she cares about the people around her.


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