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Lucy Kelson

Two Weeks Notice

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About Her

Overview… an environmental lawyer with a bleeding heart. Lucy is always standing up for causes that no one else believes in. But don’t be fooled by her shabby apartment and her hippie-dippy clothes: she’s a Harvard-educated attorney with an ironclad work ethic. When she’s not working as a pro bono lawyer for the Coalition for the Homeless, she’s busy lobbying for all sorts of forgotten causes and protecting soon-to-be-destroyed landmarks, such as the Coney Island community center.

Personality… idealistic, caring, and determined. Lucy doesn’t really let much get in the way of her beliefs. She does what she thinks is right, and doesn’t give much of a mind to personal matters. It is only when she crosses paths with her mortal enemy, the billionaire tycoon George Wade, that she appears to have met her match.

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Lucy Kelson
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