Lucy Emerson
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Lucy Emerson

The Lost Boys

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Living… in her father’s house in Santa Carla, with her two sons and her father. They’ve just recently moved there after Lucy divorced the boys’ father. Lucy’s father isn’t overly excited about having people in the house – when she brings a potential date over, he complains about having guests again. As Lucy tactfully tells him, “Dad, you haven't had company in this house since Mom died eight years ago.” And it shows. It’s not ideal, and her sons are less than impressed with the small town, but Lucy tries to make the best of it. It’s the first step in rebuilding her life.

Profession… between jobs. But hopefully, something will turn up soon. The nice man at the video store, Max, seemed like he was willing to let Lucy put in some hours. Of course, taking care of her sons has recently gotten to be a bigger chore than usual.

Interests… getting her life back together. It’s up to Lucy to support their family now, so she’s hard at work. Still, she enjoys listening to the radio, and reading, when she’s got the time. Although, reading seems to have done a number on her son Sam – after he read that one comic book about vampires, he’s been acting really strangely. As she asks after he drags her from a dinner date, “You got carried away by a comic book?” Still, at least he’ll talk to her. That’s more than her older son Michael will do these days.

Relationship Status… recently divorced. But the video story manager Max has asked her out, so maybe she’ll have somebody to cuddle up to soon. If her sons don’t keep interrupting their dates, that is.

Challenges… figuring out what’s going on with her sons. Sam keeps babbling about vampires infesting Santa Carla, and Michael sleeps all day and goes out all night. Lucy’s a very understanding mother, but her sons are acting seriously strange.

Personality… warm, caring, and maternal. Lucy is the perfect mother, trying her best to be both understanding and a firm parental figure. The thing she cares about most in the world is her sons.

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