Lucius Vorenus
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Lucius Vorenus


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About Him

Grew Up… as a member of the plebian classes. Despite the stately air that Lucius has about him, he grew up in humble surroundings. He comes from a tribe of equestrians, which explains his passion for horses.

Living… on the front lines against the Gallic tribes. Lucius is a soldier, and he won’t be able to return home until his job is finished.

Profession… soldier in Caesar’s army. The prestigious 13th Legion, to be precise. Lucius is a serious and dedicated centurion who commands his men’s respect. He’s already risen in the ranks, and his superiors expect great things from him.

Interests… his family, his tribe, and his Gods. Lucius is unfailingly loyal – unlike many of his fellow foul-mouthed soldiers, he refuses to even blaspheme. As he puts it, “If the Gods are not respected, then why should they help us?”

Relationship Status… married to Niobe. She is home tending to the children while Lucius serves in the 13th Legion. Lucius’s bride was only thirteen summers old when they married, and he hasn’t been home to see her since the war began over seven years ago.

Challenge… making it home safe from the war. If he accomplishes that, next he’ll have to survive in the equally barbaric landscape of Rome’s political world. Lucius is an adroit solider, but he may not have the heart (or the self-control) for life on the political stage.

Personality… tough, pragmatic, and unemotional. Lucius’s education taught him to remain rational at all times, but this means that he can often come off as cold and dour. He is an admirable leader and loyal to a fault. Lucius is willing to die for what he believes in.

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