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About Him

Living… in Berkley, California.

Profession… news producer for 60 Minutes. Lowell will go to great lengths for a story; he even has negotiated with a group of Hezbollah militants to grant 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace an interview.

Interests… tobacco of late. Lowell's world is turned upside down when he anonymously receives a report done by Phillip Morris.  Looking to see if there might be a story in this report, he convinces a former executive, Jeff Wigland, to decrypt the voluminous report. It wasn’t easy to get Wigland onboard, but Lowell is very convincing. He told Wigland: "You are important to a lot of people, Jeffrey. You think about that, and you think about them. I'm all out of heroes, man. Guys like you are in short supply."

Relationship Status… all business. He is working hard in tandem with Wigland. However, is their friendship truly one based on trust, or is Lowell more concerned about the story than Wigland's wellbeing?

Challenge… taking on Big Tobacco, one of the largest most powerful lobbies in America. In going through the report with Wigland, it appears that the tobacco companies may not have been honest with the American people about the addictive effects of nicotine. Lowell is determined to expose the truth, but he needs Wigland by his side. When Wigland starts receiving death threats, including a bullet in the mail, Wigland is understandably starting to get cold feet.

Personality… smart, weathered, experienced, and tenacious. Lowell always stands his ground; he's a fearless producer, the type that will do anything for the story – even if it’s dangerous to his wellbeing.

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