Louise Sawyer
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Louise Sawyer

Thelma & Louise

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About Her

Living… on the run. Louise and her best friend Thelma were on a short weekend getaway when a man tried to rape Thelma. Louise shot him. It was a defensive shooting, but they have no way to prove that, so now they’re headed for Mexico.

Profession… waitress in a diner. It might not be a glamorous job, but, “If waitin' tables in a bar don't make you an expert on human nature, then nothin' will.”

Interests… experiencing the freedom of the road. Both Thelma and Louise have felt trapped by their humdrum lives, and now Louise intends to do only what she wants. It’s also fascinating for her to watch Thelma come out of her shell, when usually Louise has been the daring one.

Relationship Status… dating boyfriend Jimmy. Thelma isn’t a fan, and Louise knows that Jimmy isn’t necessarily perfect…but she can’t shake her feelings for him. In the end, she can count on him to come through for her.

Challenge… evading the cops. After the shooting, the police are after them—and after they cross state lines, so are the feds. They have to make sure they can get to the border, and that they have the resources to support themselves. Louise is all too aware of what could happen to them, and when she lets herself think about it, it scares her.

Personality… tough and realistic. Louise has a deep love for her friend Thelma and she’d do anything to protect her. Louise is jaded, but it’s because she knows how the world works, especially for women. She tells Thelma, “You shoot off a guy's head with his pants down? Believe me, Texas ain't the place you want to get caught.”

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