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Grew Up… in rural Nevada. Louise was brought up with a true worker’s rights activist as a father. He influenced her interest in liberal politics and journalism.

Living… in a loveless marriage to Paul Trullinger, a dentist, who doesn’t share her radical ideas and is not nearly adventurous enough for Louise.

Visiting… Manhattan. John Reed, a socialist activist and writer she met in her hometown of Portland, inspired her to go to Greenwich Village, where political activism is at its strongest in all of the United States. Louise has become a feminist writer and a staunch socialist. On the cusp of the Russian Revolution, Louise becomes excited at the prospect of a truly socialist state, and decides to join the revolution.

Profession… writer. At first, Louise is offended when she isn’t taken seriously by male writers, and this anger spurs her on to become better. And after being influenced by the Greenwich Village literary scene, Louise begins to understand the world in a deeper way. As she learns more about socialism and the world, Louise becomes a go-to source for radical news and socialist-feminist theory.

Interests… the idea of revolution – perhaps more than actual revolution itself.

Relationship Status… in an affair with John Reed. She can’t decide if she deeply loves him or truly hates him. Their affair is long lasting and wild – a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Challenge… becoming part of the revolution. Louise wants more than to simply see Russia become a true socialist state; she wants to see the entire world’s thinking evolve. She wants women’s rights and free speech and universal artistic expression. Louise devotes her life to fighting for what she believes in.

Personality… intelligent, optimistic, hard working, and funny. Louise is determined and tough enough to withstand blizzards, prisons, and revolution, and she is not afraid to show her vulnerable side. She is a true romantic – not only in her personal life but also in her worldviews. 

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