Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher

    Bob's Burgers
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Growing Up… in her parent’s small apartment above their restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. Louise is the youngest child, and she takes great pleasure in tormenting her older siblings, Gene and Tina. Though she’s only nine years old, she’s much more cunning and ruthless than anyone else in the family. She’s too smart for anyone’s good.

Living… in her own closet-bedroom. Louise needs her own space in which she can scheme and connive in peace and quiet. She couldn’t stand sharing a bedroom with her horribly immature and loud older brother, so she requested the hallway closet be transformed into her own private paradise/evil lair. 

Profession… elementary school student and occasional employee at Bob’s Burgers. Louise has a knack for getting out of work so no one is really sure what she does for the business, although it’s very clear what she does to harm the business. She’s constantly turning away customers, scaring people with falsities about what’s in the food, and saying horribly inappropriate things to people in order to get customers to leave so she doesn’t have to do any more work. In her own words: “Hello and welcome to Bob’s Burgers. The burger of the day is the child molester. It comes with candy.”

Interests… manipulating people, pink bunny ear hats, making money, and just generally coming out on top. Louise is a vengeful schemer who spends her time either implementing or planning her next con. 

Challenge… creating conflict whenever and wherever possible. Even though her family loves her very much, they’re often victims of Louise’s need to create drama. Louise is the kind of person who really thrives in chaos so she tries to start it in any way she can.

Personality… intelligent, ruthless, maniacal, dramatic, and manipulative. Due to her adorable little girl façade, she’s able to easily gain the trust of anyone she wants and then turn on them like a viper. She’s also excellent at not taking the blame for any of her own horrible actions due to her ability to quickly transform from cold-blooded to cutesy.


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