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Grew Up... in Philadelphia. Louis was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and continued to work and live there until his 30s.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. An apocalyptic virus has turned Pennsylvania, and possibly the entire world, into one big zombie nightmare. Louis is one of a handful of survivors immune to the virus. Though living in the apocalyptic aftermath is no picnic, either.

Profession... junior systems analyst. Louis was a Junior Systems Analysts at Franklin Brothers’ IT Department. A middle rung in the corporate ladder, he was gathering the courage to ask for a promotion – but then the world basically ended.

Interests... video games. Louis was particularly sad after realizing that the end of the world also meant the end of video games.  

Relationship Status... single. Louis is smart, hard-working, and not necessarily bad looking, but he’s more focused on his career, or at least he was. However, he does have a slightly flirtatious relationship with fellow survivor Zoey.

Challenge... avoiding the fate of the rest of humanity. Louis and the other survivors have no choice but to try and hang on for as long as they can against the zombie hordes around them., with his multiple college degrees, Louis is the most educated survivor and can offer knowledge to the group.     

Personality... upbeat. Trying to mask his fear and sadness over the chaos he’s living in, Louis stays happy and optimistic to keep spirits up amongst the survivors. That’s how he earned the nickname “Mr. Positive.” As he says, “Well, it can only get better, right?”

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