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Louis Simo


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About Him

Living… in Hollywood, California, where he is a private investigator. He makes his living off the drama and scandal that abound in Hollywood.

Profession… private investigator. Louis learns everything about his clients’ dirty laundry, but he doesn’t care about their lives. He just cares about their money. Now, he’s just found out that George Reeves, the actor who played Superman, has died – supposedly by suicide.

Interests… building his business. Louis lives for his work, and this case is the equivalent of a reporter’s big story – it would launch him into the spotlight, and make his business a huge success.

Relationship Status… married. Louis loves his wife and his son, but he focuses too much on work. His marriage is becoming strained, and his wife is trying to get him to spend more time with his son, who’s struggling in school. But Louis is too wrapped up in this big case.

Challenge… finding out what really happened to George Reeves. The actor had conducted an affair with Toni Mannix, the wife of the general manager of MGM, that titan of the movie industry. Could that have gotten him killed? Investigating further could put Louis on the bad side of some very wealthy, very dangerous people.

Personality… street smart and committed. He’s got a vivid imagination, which helps him to understand the people involved in his cases. And when he's not obsessing over his grueling line of work, he’s also a good father and husband. 

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