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Overview... a cheerful, if slightly weathered, teddy bear. “Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear,” or Lotso for short, is the leader of the toys who reside at Sunnyside Daycare. At first glance, Lotso is a congenial Southern gentleman happy to welcome a new group of toys to his idyllic community. But it soon becomes clear that Lotso isn’t quite what he appears to be. He rules over Sunnyside with an iron fist, deciding which useful toys will enjoy his protection and which he’ll send to the destructive toddles in the “Caterpillar Room.”

Personality... manipulative, two-faced, and cutthroat. A tough experience in his youth transformed Lotso from a kindly bear to a callous leader. He realized that the world is a harsh place and he has to be even harsher to survive in it. However, Lotso smartly keeps his dark side hidden, presenting a warm face to the world, which allows him to get what he wants without being seen as a villain. 

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