Lorraine Warren
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Lorraine Warren

The Conjuring

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Living… in a quiet section of suburbia with her husband and daughter. It would be easy to mistake the Warrens for a typical American family, but they’re far from ordinary. 

Profession… paranormal investigator and medium. Lorraine has always been able to see things that no one else could – spirits that exist in the space between our world and the next. She was finally able to put her gift to good use after meeting Ed Warren, the country’s leading demonologist. The two fell in love and now tour the United States, lecturing about the supernatural and investigating paranormal activity.

Interests… parenting and paranormal research. Lorraine’s work requires her to be an expert on all kinds of supernatural forces, which leads her to spend much of her time while at home researching the paranormal. Lorraine’s job also frequently keeps her away from home, but she treasures the limited time she gets to spend with her daughter.

Relationship Status… married to Ed Warren. The two have an extremely happy marriage and believe they were put on earth to find each other and fulfill a divine purpose – combat evil forces. The two have been partners for years and Lorraine’s connection to the spirit world has proved invaluable in their investigations. Still, her ability to commune with spirits makes her vulnerable to their attacks – something that has made Ed increasingly hesitant about bringing her along.

Challenge… expelling evil forces from the Perron family home in Connecticut. The Perrons moved in recently, and quickly found themselves confronting a slew of unexplainable activity. Fearful and unsure of what to do, they’ve reached out to the Warrens for help. What begins as a routine investigation quickly spirals into something more urgent and dangerous – a confrontation with the most dangerous force in the Warren’s career.

Personality… kind, intelligent, and sensible. Lorraine manages the difficult task of being at once gentle and firm. She is often soft-hearted and can’t say no to anyone in need. Like her husband, she’s remarkably levelheaded and refuses to jump to conclusions. An extraordinarily brave woman, Lorraine seeks out the forces that most people pray they never have to encounter.

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