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Lorne Malvo


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About Him

Living… in Reno, Nevada. Lorne doesn’t stick around there too long, though, before he heads off to another city for a job.

Visiting… the great white north. Malvo just arrived in Bemidji, Minnesota after a long road trip from Reno.  

Profession… hitman and con artist. Malvo’s is a deadly marksman and combatant, and is capable of using a wide variety of weaponry to kill his many targets. But he isn’t just some madman with a gun – he’s a detailed and organized killer. Malvo keeps recorded tapes of all his conversations with his clients, just in case he needs a little blackmail.

Relationship Status… single. Malvo is too violent to hold down a stable relationship. He might settle into a relationship if a job required it – but even then it would only be a façade that would shatter the moment he pulled the trigger and disappeared.

Challenge… completing his jobs without getting caught. Malvo loves his job because it allows him to get paid for doing what he truly loves — causing mayhem. Recently, he’s been sent on a job to Duluth, but gets stuck in Bemidji for a while when a deer caused him to swerve off the road…while he happened to be carrying a man in his trunk. As he's poking around Bemidji he meets Lester Nygaard, who confesses to him that he really wants Malvo to kill his long-time bully, Sam Hess. How could Malvo resist?

Personality… malevolent, manipulative, and menacing. Malvo is a cold-blooded killer who doesn’t care who he guns down. Although he puts on a mild-mannered and stoic exterior, Malvo is actually a dangerous and deceptive man who assumes whatever personality he needs to have to win a potential victim or client’s trust.

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