Lori Grimes
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Lori Grimes

The Walking Dead

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Living... with an incredible amount of guilt after the zombie apocalypse. She left behind her husband Rick who was in a coma when the walkers began terrorizing the city. Now she’s with Rick’s old partner Shane and her son, on the run from the walkers and any semblance of a normal life.

Profession... stay-at-home mom to their son Carl before the apocalypse, and on the run protector of her son ever since. She’s just trying to survive and keep her remaining family alive. And now she just learned that her family is going to increase by one; she’s pregnant.

Relationship Status... complicated. She loved Rick, but when the apocalypse hit, he was in a coma, and she had to run. Now she’s in an intense physical relationship with Shane, feeling bad for leaving Rick. And now she feels worse than ever when Rick shows up alive...

Challenge... her love triangle. Caught between two lovers, Lori is in a tangled web of sex and lies. Things only grow more complicated when she finds out she’s pregnant. Who’s the dad? And is it even fair to her unborn child to introduce him or her to a horrific new world? It was hard enough being pregnant before the world turned to Hell. Now she might be the reason her loved ones might be held back when the walkers attack.

Personality... strong and protective, but scared of what the world has become. That fear can be paralyzing, but when the walkers are approaching, that’ll get you killed. Understandably, Lori has grown demanding of the men in her life. Rick wanted her to stay at home and be a mom and she agreed – but things have changed and now she needs help. She’s going to make sure she gets it.

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